Mcdvoice Survey at and Win a Whopper

The fast-food restaurant that does not need any introduction is McD. Everyone knows about this McD. Children to adults love the items that McD is offering. Because of this, the popularity of McDonald’s among fast-food chains has increased immensely. Now at this point juncture, it is one of the leading fast-food restaurant chains in the world. Whichever country it has entered, the customers tasted its food, and the McD has tasted the success. With the way it is going, it seems that it will occupy more and more markets in the coming days.

McD needs to maintain its position in the market. It is a volatile world. Anyone can take its place within a blink of an eye. Hence they have to be at the top of their game. They have to maintain themselves as the crowd puller and crowd-pleaser. But what to do to become crowd please and customer pleaser? One of the best and easiest ways to become the crowd and customer pleaser is to provide the best customer service. There is no substitute for this. Hence several companies in the world strive hard to provide the best service possible to their customers. McD is no less than any company.

McD has come up with a new opportunity for its customer to enjoy their food and get a chance to receive free meals. They can do so by filling up the McD voice survey on The main focus of this survey was to get in touch with customers to know their honest opinions about Mcdonald’s, its food, staff, services, and hygiene. This would help McDonald’s’ to improve their service. The survey has 8-12 questions, and if you answer them, you can get a chance to win free rewards.  

About McDonald’s

McDonald Corporation, which is popularly known as McD, is an American chain of fast food centers. McDonald’s was initially established in early 1940 by two brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald. Ray Kroc joined the McDonald Corporation in the year 1955 with the McDonald brothers. After he joined the corporation, the restaurant business int a franchise business. And later, the company was spread all over the globe. The headquarters of McDonald’s are located in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. 

McDonald’s is the largest food chain in the world. It serves over 69 million customers daily. The company has many franchised restaurants that are run by many franchising models all across the globe. According to the data from 2017, it has stores in over 100 countries spread across the world. Almost 235,000 employees are working for McDonald including both corporate and company-based employees. And as per the data from 2018, McD was the second largest employer in the world. Mcdonald’s is most famous for its Hamburgers, Chicken, soft drinks, desserts, French fries, wraps, coffee, and breakfast. 

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction & Feedback Survey is a survey by McDonald’s to get feedback from people. The main aim of the survey is to know if the customers are satisfied with its services. It is a form of communication between McD and its customers to understand their honest opinions from people. To provide the best service, one has to know what are the tastes of their customers. They have to understand how they can improve themselves. They have to know where they have to improve themselves. To understand these criteria, the survey is the best option available. One can get to know the accurate feedback from the customers with the help of the study. Every company, every business in the world, has a customer feedback survey. McD also has started its very own customer feedback survey. They call it McDVoice. McDVoice helps every customer to review the service and products of McDonald’s. It also allows McDonald’s to know what its customers are thinking about. And once they understand what the customer wants, they can try and fulfill them.

The survey is not very long to fill up. You just have to answer some straightforward questions, and after you are done with the survey, you will receive the validation code. Using this validation code, you can redeem offers. For example, you can get discount cups, free Egg McMuffin, Quarter Pounder, or Whopper free. We have explained the process to help you with the survey. 

Since you are here, we can pretty much assume that you want to know how to complete the survey of McDVoice. However, most of them do not see the process for this. Hence they end up not participating in this McD Voice Feedback Survey. Remarkably for such people, we have brought this guide. This guide will help you with every step of the survey, where you will get to know how to complete the survey. Furthermore, check the below information to learn more about the McDVoice Customer Feedback Survey.

Take Survey          Give Feedback

Mcdvoice Survey at

How to Participate in the McDVoice Customer Feedback Survey: It is a straightforward process. Since you do not know, you might think that it is a complex process. But before getting to see the process, you have to know the requirements. We have listed the requirements for this McDVoice Feedback Survey.

Requirements for McDVoice Customer Feedback Survey:

  • Take an electronic device like a PC Laptop Smartphone, or Tablet to use the web browser to search for 
  • Wifi or Mobile Internet Access
  • Recent McDonald’s receipt with the survey invitation
  • Web portal Address of McDVoice
  • A Printer to take out the printout of the validation code after the survey is complete. The validation code is critical. You cannot redeem your offer without this.  
  • Basic understanding of English or French

Steps for McDVoice Customer Feedback Survey:

  • It would help if you started reading this survey, in case you have all the above requirements. Without any of those, you cannot complete the study. Hence you have to make sure you have everything.
  • Now that you have all the requirements, you have to select a device. You can choose any widget for this MCDVOICE. But the only thing required is that it should connect to the internet.
  • Now you have to connect to internet access.
  • Furthermore, you have to go to any web browser on your device.
  • Now, you have to enter the web portal address of the McDVoice in the search bar. Then, after entering the lesson, you have to click on the search button.
  • With that, the web browser will take you to the McDVoice Customer Feedback Survey page.
  • Once you are here, you have to select the language between English and French. Mind you that there are only two available languages in this portal.
  • After that, you have to enter the restaurant number, which you can find on the receipt.
  • Now you have to specify the restaurant name that you have visited. This is important. Hence you have to do this.
  • Then, you have to enter the date and time of your visit.
  • Furthermore, enter the amount that you have spent in a fast-food restaurant.
  • Now you have to start to answer the questions one by one. But, of course, you have to answer these questions very truthfully.
  • This will help McD to improve their services towards you when you visit the next time.
  • After completing the survey, submit it.
  • Now you have to print the coupon, which will help you get an item at a discount price or free the next time you visit McDonald’s.

Note:- After following these steps, you will be able to fill up the survey quickly. Once you are done with the survey, wait for the validation code, and note down that validation code. This validation code is essential for getting the rewards from McD. You cannot redeem the offers if you do not have the validation code. You can only take the survey five times per month.  

Requirement Receipt Number
Language English, Spanish
Reward Cashback, burgers
Validity 30 days

These are the different steps that you have to follow to complete the McD Voice Customer Feedback Survey process. You can redeem the validation code for one month, which means that the code is valid for 30 days. The offers keep changing from time to time. This code cannot be exchanged for money. Furthermore, check below to know more details about the McDVoice.

How Long Will the Survey Take Complete?

You will have to spend only a few minutes on this survey. That’s it—nothing more, nothing less.

What Rewards do you get by doing McDvoice Survey?

If you participate in the McDVoice Survey, McD is offering a coupon. With this coupon, you can either an item for free or at discount prices. In addition, if you are the lucky winner, there is a chance to win gift vouchers or even cashback from McDonald’s. 

And that is where it ends. We hope we have helped you participate in the survey. And also we hope the information in this article was helpful to you. If there is anything you want to let us know, then please use the comments section below. Your feedback means a lot to us. Thank you for visiting our site. Have a nice day!

Questions Asked In Survey.

  1. When you take the survey, you will encounter these questions in the survey. These questions were designed to handle the complete information about the food, services, staff, and hygiene. In addition, this survey is a way for McDonald’s to communicate with its customer.
  2. Select what kind of service you opted for at McD – Dine-in, drive-through, or Carryout.
  3. In this question, rate your overall experience at McDonald’s from highly satisfying to highly dissatisfied.
  4. In this question, you have to rate your satisfaction concerning different factors such as the taste and quality of food, time takenis takeneliver your order if the staff was inviting and friendly, hygiene, and several others.
  5. In this question, you have to rate your level of satisfaction at McD concerning their services.
  6. Explain or check what you ordered at Mcdonald’s.
  7. In this, you have to tell whether you encountered any problems during your visit to McDonald’s.
  8. This question asks about the chances that you will be recommending people to visit McD based on your experience.


If you face difficulty accessing the website, it is advised to use the Accessibility Friendly Version of McD voice. If your issue still does not solve, then call the customer helpline number that is mentioned below in the contact information of McDonald’s. 

Why Should You Take McDVoice Survey?

McDonald’s is a well-known food restaurant worldwide and has always tried to keep its customers happy. By taking this survey, you will be helping out McD. This survey will help McD to improve its services by identifying the problems from the survey. McDonald’s is giving rewards to the customers for taking out time and filling out the survey.

The survey is not very long to take you can take it in a few minutes and earn discount coupon codes and other rewards mentioned in the above segment.

McDonald’s Contact Information

If you have any doubts or issues with McDonald’s, you can put your opinions on Here is the complete contact information of McDonald’s.

  • Website:-
  • Email Address:-
  • Customer Care Number:- 1-800-244-6227

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to take a McDonald’s Survey?

To take the McDonald’s survey, visit the website Then, take the survey using the 26-digit survey code on your receipt and fill in your honest opinions. We have mentioned all the steps to take the survey in the above section.

What will I get in return for filling out McDonald’s Customer Survey?

McDonald’s is giving rewards to the customers who are taking out time to take the mcdvoice survey and help McDonald’s make their services better. McDonald’s tips the following things: free Quarter Pounder, free Egg McMuffin, free Hamburger, Muffin, a special meal, and discount coupons.  

What should I eat at McDonald’s?

These are the specialties of McDonald’s you should try out: Oreo McFlurry, M&M McFlurry, French Fries, Hamburger Happy Meal, Mocha Frappe, Strawberry-banana or Mango Pineapple Smoothie, and Chicken McNuggets.

How to redeem the survey code of McDonald’s?

Take the mcdvoice survey by filling in the 26 digits survey code on the receipt, and at the end of the survey, you will be generated a validation code. Use the validation code to redeem the discount. Then, on your next order, tell the code to the cashier to redeem the offer. 

What is McDonald’s Survey Code?

The 26-digit code written on your receipt is your survey code.


We hope this article helped you in gaining all the information that you needed. McDvoice service takes a couple of minutes to fill, and it will help McMcDonald’sn improve its services. By taking the survey, you are helping McD in identifying and enhancing its services. McMcDonald’sas have been serving for decades now as the most famous fast food center and is trying to get even better because McD likes to stand out from the crowd. You can express your honest views on the app. Thank you so much for reading this article.